Steel structures

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By tools we mean computer software. We use the programs noted below, but our collaborations are not limited to those programs or to those who use the same programs. We are adaptable in our design methods and are receptive to anyone who wishes to achieve the same goals as we do, that is an accurate and efficient structural project for users' safety and constructors' profitability.

 Checking models during planning stage

 Mech gives its customers the chance to check in an easy and quick way the state of  their projects. 

 Models can be opened with Explorer 6.0 or following


Pipe rack impianto petrolchimicoPipe rack for Petrolchemical plant


- Lenght = 101 m
- Width  = 12.5 m
- Height  = 17 m

Total Weight : 497 Tonnes




GT1 Gas Turbine steel structure - Copertura turbina a gasRoof for Gas turbine


- Lenght = 35 m
- Width  = 28 m
- Height   = 21 m

 Total Weight : 350 Tonnes




Steel structure STR100 - Struttura multipiano per macchinariStructure for support equipment


- Lenght = 25 m
- Widht  = 18 m
- Height   = 16.5 m

Total Weight : 116 Tonnes





Capannone in acciaio - chemical shelter

Chemical Shelter warehouse


- Lenght = 25 m
- Widht  = 9 m
- Height = 6.5 m

Total Weight : 29 Tonnes




Main Pipe Rack - ABB - Congo

 Main Pipe Rack


 - Lenght max. = 206 m
 - Widht  max. = 150 m

 Total Weight: 488 Tonnes





   Auxiliary Pipe Rack - ABB - Congo

 Auxiliary Pipe Rack


 - Lenght max. = 120 m
 - Widht  max. = 95 m

 Total Weight : 93 Tonnes






Flare - Pipe Rack ABB

 Pipe Rack 


 - Lenght = 122 m
 Total Weight : 35 Tonnes






Raffineria di MAntova - ARU3-001

 Industrial structures 1


 - Lenght = 17 m
 - Widht = 11 m
 - Eight   = 18 m 

 Total Weight: 88 Tonnes




   Raffineria di Mantova - ARU3-005

 Industrial structures 2


 - Lenght = 23 m
 - Widht  = 18 m
 - Eight   = 14 m 

 Total Weight : 106 Tonnes



  Borouge 2 

  Polymers refinery Borouge 2




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Stadio Baseball Parma

 Roof Baseball Stadium

 Parma - Italy

 - Widht  = 45 m
 - Heright max  = 14 m 

 Total Weight : 53 Tonnes




Design and analysis software programs


Our design methods include licensed programs such as Sap2000, Multiframe, Risa, Prokon, CoP and other commercial software as well as Excel spreadsheets with macros developed in-house to accurately and quickly comply with various standards. Our experience is exceptional. We have an extensive library of specialized details and knowledge of international regulation that sets us apart from our competition.



Drawing software programs


We prepare drawings in 2D (AutoCAD) or 3D (usually Tekla Xsteel or Solid Edge) according to the customer's needs and the complexity of the project. The drafting activity is made easier and more productive by the use of an extensive library of macros. The 3D models follow the same process as the workshop itself (first cutting, then punching of the pieces, then the parts are connected (welded and bolted) and finally the actual assembly is fabricated on the computer). This eliminates many prodcution problems.

We pay careful attention to costs and coordination, which gives us a strong competitiveness in the detailing market.