Steel structures

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Steel structures and renewable energy

Merits of steelMERITS OF STEEL


Examples and images of detailing creativity . Steel can satisfy engineers' needs , merging curves and lines in a very creative way. Moreover it is possible to use moving parts, different materials and colours.







Designers and constructors have to take in great consideration the environment and sustainability. Mech promotes the use of photovoltaic systems.

Ask for information about the project for your plant, the financing, the carrying out  and the standard products (roofings, shelters, photovoltaic trackers, photovoltaic kits)



Mech is appreciated by customers for its top to bottom technical management:
the structural engineer's steel design and the drafting specialist's detailing
are developed side by side so that all arising matters are brilliantly and quickly solved in-house. Please also check our Experiences.





Pipe rack impianto petrolchimico


Mech gives its customers the chance to check in an easy and quick way the state of  their projects. 

Just enter the Tools section and click on one of the several projects available.

Surf and fly within the 3D structures.