Steel structures

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Seismic resistant design

Seismic resistant design and engineering for buildings and bridges


We believe seismic resistant design and analysis is an art and a science. We work closely with our clients to ensure our design achieves the desired level of performance in harmony with the other project goals.


Mech studies seismic effects based on various codes:

  • North American codes such as FEMA, NEHRP, IBC, UBC, AISC, ASCE and the California Building code.

  • Eurocodes

  • Asian and various other worldwide codes.

Seismic retrofit design: evaluation of existing buildings


We have evaluated numerous buildings for life safety in accordance with state of the art seismic standards. Our capabilities include the use of powerful analysis programs such as Perform 3d, and a thorough knowledge of international standards, such as FEMA and ATC.