Steel structures

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Bins and tanks

Bins, silos, tanks, pressure vessels


Mech has designed a variety of silos, tanks, pressure tanks and hoppers (including rectangular) in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. These shells have been used for industrial bulk materials and different kinds of liquids.

The firm has also planned a machine for spiral silos which can delineate, fabricate, and weld thicknesses up to 6 mm in carbon and stainless steel and up to 8 mm in aluminium.


Design problems we can solve:

  • Anti-explosion and anti-seismic

  • Shells with external metal struts

  • Shells with corrugated sheet with external struts

  • Bolting calculation and sheet metal shop drawings for hoppers and sheet panel bins

  • Design for ring girders between hopper and bin

  • Bin eccentric loading and hopper eccentric unloading

  • Finite element analysis for particular problems

The design can be made based on different regulations (those referring to loads and others with reference to resistance and stability) such as Eurocodes, ECCS, DIN, VDI, FEM, ACI, ASME, API, AWWA, ASCE, UBC, IBC, SAISC, etc.