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Naval engineering and offshore platforms


Mech is developing expertise in this sector thanks to the strategic position of the Mech office in Dalian, China, the third largest commercial port of the Asian Giant and their primary port for petrochemicals.

Recently we reviewed the design for portions of one of the Miskar Tunisia offshore platforms (spreader bars and runaway beams) as commissioned by Bureau Veritas.

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What can Mech do for you?


  • Structural analysis for boats: evaluation of trim, immersion, ballast, etc. using hydrodynamic studies, vortex shedding, currents and waves, launching, hoisting, haulage, mooring, fatigue, vibration, flooding, etc.

  • Scantling design and detailing

  • Analysis for loading, unloading and transport of heavy loads

  • Calculations and structural plans for offshore plants

  • Tests and inspection of welding

We make our calculations according to many different codes. We are SNAME members.