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Navigation Canal

 Navigation Canal - Valdaro (MN) Italy


-          Location                Mantova (IT)

-          Canal length          225,00 m

-          Canal width           12.50 m

-          Canal depth           7.60 m



Swing doors      Swing doos downward side


Swing doors


-          Steel grade S355JR;

-          Shutter width 7.30m;

-          Shutter depth  7.75 m;

-          N. 2 shutters;

-          Maximum pressure on the bottom gasket level (in water column): 7.68 m;

-          Rotating pins distance (cardinal axes): 13.70 m;

-          Lateral thrust bearing distance: 13.812 m;

-          Half angle of inclination with respect to the axis of the canal: 20°;

-          Maximum bottom threshold depth: 7.60 m;

-          Maximum unbalanced hydrostatic load on the threshold (in water column): 7.60 m;

-          Three side gasket to downstream;

-          Simultaneous opening and closing of doors,  with two double-acting hydraulic cylinders (with the use of the hydraulic system in the final configuration);

-          Maximum water difference in level between upstream and downstream (in water column) during the movement, about: 0.1 m;

-          Angular opening: 70°;

-          Movement time in opening or shutting direction: 1 minutes (using double-acting hydraulic cylinders in the final configuration);

-          Two swing doors will be equipped by 4 sluiced gates.


Navigation canal      Navigation canal



Each shutter is set in a space dug in the canal walls.

Te bottom hinge is spherical dome sel-lubrificating type, the top hinge is made of two rods and a set of disc springs allowing the door to sway in order to get the construction tolerances and to allow the mutual holding of the two shutters. 

The door moving will be always done with about balanced load: however the door moving can start also in case of unbalanced load of 0.1 m of water column. The moving devices have been calculated to consider such unbalanced load.


Swing doors bottom hinge       Swing doors top hinge





-          Steel grade S355JR;

-          # 7 items upward;

-          # 4 items downward;

-          Single plank depth                                    1085 mm

-          Distance between leteral gaskets   12580 mm

-          Distance between lateral supports 12700 mm

-          Maximum hydrostatic pressure in the bottom threshold: 7.6


Upward planks       Downward planks


Working sistem

The bigger plank assembly is composed of # 7 items of the same height. Due to the hydrostatic load the bottom item will be the stronger and the top item will be the weaker. The plank movement is possible thanks to moving devices and a picking beam.


3D model      3D Model - Tekla Structures