Steel structures

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Civil structures

Steel buildings and other structures


Structural designers and detailers at Mech offer services for buildings constructed of steel. Our experience includes condominiums, shopping malls, sports arenas, bridges, hospitals, schools, residential villas (lightweight construction), office buildings, parking structures, canopies and a variety of other specialty steel structures.


Our engineers and detailers can efficientlyaddress specific issues such as:

  • Composite members (steel-concrete columns or girders, composite or hollow core slabs, special shear or curtain walls, etc.)

  • Earthquake and wind resistant structures

  • Floor vibrations

  • Multi story structural optimization

  • Blast resistant structures

  • Lightweight structures

  • Textile membrane (tension) structures

We also offer pre-design, conducted at a preliminary stage, prior to detailed design, in order to define the weight of a structure.






 Checking models during planning stage

 Mech gives its customers the chance to check in an easy and quick way the state of  their projects. 

 Models can be opened with Explorer 6.0 or following


Stadio Baseball Parma

 Roof Baseball Stadium

 Parma - Italy

 - Widht  = 45 m
 - Max height  = 14 m 

 Total Weight : 53 Tonnes