Steel structures

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Indipendence from atmospheric conditions

Carpenteria in acciaioThe shelter has been built to an height of 3455 m, over very steep rocks, among snow and ice, and it has been exposed to the inclemency of the weather. All over the year the extreme atmospheric conditions make it very difficult to build, but thanks to steel and pre-fabricated components it is not impossible. 400 tons of steel have been assembled between August and December, during this period interesting peaks have been reached: temperature -35°C, wind speed 260 km/h, snow falls (during 24 hours) 100 cm.




Carpenteria in acciaio

Europe’s Peak, Junfraujoch, Switzerland

Architects: E.E. Anderegg, Meiringen

Structural engineers: Balzari-Schuedel AG, Bern

Completed in 1987